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The Teplice District



The Teplice DistrictThe Teplice Area is characterised by steep hills of the Krusne Mountains and flat hills of the Bohemian Highlands, through which flows the River Bilina. It is an area where spa industry has developed successfully since the Middle Ages, namely in Teplice, Bilina and Dubi. The Teplice area boasts of numerous sights; Teplice and Duchcov Castles, the Baroque Lobkowicz Chateau in Bilina and the Dvojhradi hunting-chateau; Sukoslav and Ryzmburk Castles; and the Osek Cistercian Monastery. Komari vizka, in 809 metres above sea level, where tourists can be taken by chairlift, is another place of interest in this region. Doubravka, Boren, Bournak and Pramenac are hills that can be reached only on foot and so called "stone suns" are interesting landscape elements, which are really worth seeing. In the past the Teplice spa was frequently visited by such famous people as J. W. Goethe, L. van Beethoven, F. Chopin and F. Liszt. The spa buildings themselves are real jewels of the architecture o this town. Visitors to Teplice who visit the Prehistoric Spring can also enjoy the scenic beauty of modern fancy fountains, built in its vicinity. Zamecke namesti with the Plague Column, the work of Matyas Brown from 1718 is a real jewel of this town. The North Bohemian Philharmonic Orchestra spreads the fame of Teplice with its concerts at home and abroad. During summer months it gives concerts in the park of the Teplice Spa.

The town of Dubi, well-known for its healing springs, started to gain fame when its started to manufacture the china called "the onion china", according to its decor. The Church of the Immaculate Conception of Santa Maria, which is a copy of the Venetian Church of Santa Maria dell´Orto, is a dominant building of the town. But the Teplice district can boast of another place of interest - Duchcov Chateau, where Giacomo Casanova, perhaps the most famous lover in the world, died in 1789.

The Krusne mountains and the Bohemia Highlands offer excellent conditions for sports and tourism. The reservoir near Duchcov, called Barbora, promises very pleasant environment or summer recreation and only few people will remember that once there were coal mines instead of this romantic lake. The mountainous terrain with running tracks of different difficulties for the downhill race (e.g. Bournak Mountain) and well prepared tracks for ski running will offer a lot of enjoyment for lovers of winter sports.

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