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The Louny District



The Louny DistrictThe Louny District is the largest and the least populated area of the Usti Region. It is characterised mostly by hops fields with its typical variety, Zatecky cervenak. Without this type of hops Czech beer would never have the proper tang.

The charming River Ohre, which flows through the whole district from west to east, is one of the most interesting places of the Louny District. Its best sights include the Church of the Assumption in Zatec, the Capuchin Monastery in Zatec, Chateau Krasny Dvur, the Baroque Castle of Lickov, ruins of Zerotin Castle, remnants of one of the oldest monasteries in Bohemia in Panensky Tynec, the look-out near Dobromerice or a little church in Citoliby with exceptionally perfect acoustics.

The royal town of Louny was erected on the neck of land above the River Ohre in the 13th century during the reign of the Premyslid King Otakar II. The Church of St. Nicolas, the most monumental construction of the Czech Late Gothic style. The world famous architect Benedict Rejt, who was later buried in the church, participated in the erection of one part of the church, its triple nave, in 1519-1538. Louny also boasts of St Peter's Church from the 14th century and the Church of the Holy Mother, from 1493, and also by a line of protective city castle and also a line of city walls with bastions and a gate, which encompass the whole centre of the town. The current presence of the Louny fortification is, however, a result o gradual reconstruction in the second half of the 15th century.

The town of Zatec was founded in the middle of the 10th century and very soon it started to be associated with one plant that necessarily belongs to its history - hops. Its cultivation has more than seven hundred years old tradition and the harvest ceremony, held annually, is a great cultural event of the year. Historical sights of Louny also include hundreds of years old oak in Peruc, which is a reminder of Jirasek´s legend of love of the Prince Oldrich´s love for Bozena, a wash-woman. An interesting view of the Louny history is offered by an open-air museum of aecheology in Brezno.

Lovers of flying will appreciate the view from the top of Rana (455 m above seal level), and can use an airport with two grassy airways. The Sports Centre in Rana concentrates on training and providing services in paragliding and hang gliding, or competitions of aeromodelling.

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