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The Litomerice District



The Litomerice DistrictThe Gate to Bohemia (Porta Bohemica) opens an access to the picturesque and charming landscape of the Litomerice District to such places as Rip, Hazmburk, the Czech Highlands with Milesovka Mountain, sandstone formations of the area around Kokorin Castle. This is an area with a great number of attractive places for tourists - thus we will find here magnificent Chateaux of Ploskovice and Libochovice, the Budyne nad Ohri Water Castle, the little castle of Helfenburk and numerous outlook towers - e.g. Lovos, Mostna Mountain and Varhost. As a matter of course, we cannot forget Mountain Rip, associated with the famous legend of our ancestors´ coming to Bohemia. When the Patriarch Cech looked round from Mountain Rip, he saw land abundant in milk and honey. The Garden of Bohemia is a name given to the Litomerice area in the 17th century, namely because of its fertile land.

The royal town of Litomerice, situated on the confluence of the Elbe and the Ohre Rivers is, to a great extent, surrounded with gothic fortification. It also offers a great number of well-restored Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque buildings inside the town. The Litomerice well-preserved square, historical cellars, churches, a museum and a gallery are ranked among real jewels of this town. Terezin, a unique citadel and an example of the 18th-century architecture of this type, from the 18th century, was given its name to pay tribute to the Monarch Maria Teresia. Some other sights of this town, the Ghetto Museum, the Jewish and National Cemeteries and Mala Pevnost, are then a sad reminder of the new history of the town.

The historical town of Ustek with its cellars intagliated into sandstone and the town of Roudnice with the summer house of Prague archbishops dating back to the 14th century and an early baroque castle, the largest in Central Europe, also rank among very interesting places of this district. The Litomerice District also boasts of the Museum of the Czech ruby in Trebenice, a cycling route along the River Labe, a sports centre in Racice and wine cellars in Roudnice and Zernoseky.

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