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The Chomutov District



The Chomutov DistrictThe Chomutov District is situated in the most western part of the Usti Region and with the mountain ridge of the Krusne Mountains it has a border with the Federal Republic of Germany. It is ranked among the areas oriented to both industry and agriculture. Chomutov is a significant centre with very precious cultural heritage. The core of the town has succeeded in preserving its medieval plan, characteristic of the market town. The square (Namesti 1. maje) is decorated with magnificent burgher houses with open arcades. Saint Catherine's Church from 1252 is perhaps the most precious sight of the town along with the Dean's Church of the Assumption, a precious reminder of history of the town, and the remaining parts of city walls.The town seems to be created for recreation. The tourists can enjoy swimming in Kamencove Lake, situated in the city, or they can make a trip to the Krusne Mountains, in the close vicinity, or the Nechranice Dam and the area surrounding the River Ohre. Near Kamencove Lake you can also go in for water skiing, since a special water ski lift, unique in the Czech Republic, was erected here for tourists.

The town of Kadan can boast of the following monuments: the Franciscan Monastery with a the Church of Fourteen Holy Disciples, the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Elizabethan Convent with the Church of the Holy Family and Elizabeth, the Church of Decapitation of Saint John the Baptist. These monuments also include Kadan Castle, Zatec Barbican, the Town Hall and the gallery "Pod Vezi ". The visitors´ attention will be also attracted by Klasterec nad Ohri, a town with a magnificent fountain and a plague column, and above all, newly reconstructed burgher houses dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Its Baroque Plague Column comes from 1680 and the Lion's Fountain from the 17th century. They may be also interested in the precincts of Kyselka (mineral water-bottling company), where the mineral spring Eugenie was discovered in 1883, and the chateau, erected in 1514, which is connected with significant part of history of Czech nobility - the Thuns. At present they can look round the Chateau Houses, the China Museum and the Thun Tomb. Loucna, which was probably founded in the 14th century by Rudolph II, can offer magnificent conditions for winter recreation. In its close vicinity the tourists can find Klinovec ski centre with five ski tows.

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