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The Decin District



The Decin DistrictThree mountain ranges surround the town of Decin and its environs - Decinska vrchovina (the Decin Highlands), also well-known as Labske piskovce (the Labske Sandstone Formations), or the Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland, the Czech Middlands and the Luzice Mountains. For that reason the view towers and lookouts in this area are constantly reconstructed - e.g. on Sneznik, Tanecnice and Vlcí Mountain, the Ploucnice Lookout and Belveder. Charming châteaux have been preserved in Decin, Benesov nad Ploucnici and Jilove. The ruins of Tolstejn and Vrabinec Castles, Skalni hrady (Rocky Castles), Falkenstejn, Saunstejn and Chribsky hradek must be also ranked among significant places of interest in this area. The following sights seem to be two dominating places in Decin - the former is a castle towering on the point of land above the confluence of the River Ploucnice and the River Labe, and the latter is Pastyrska stena (the Shepherd Wall) with a zoological garden. From Pastyrska stena there is a magnificent view of meanders of the River Labe. The Jewish Synagogue erected in 1907, with oriental and Art Nouveau elements, and the Renaissance Bridge with Baroque statues are considered real jewels of architecture; but still, another place of interest is worth seeing - the Decin silver mine from the Middle Ages.

Hrensko is perhaps one of the most attractive villages of this area. Hrensko enables tourists to find access to steep ravines and gorges of the Kamenice River, which are accessible on ferry-boats. Tourists and mountaineers are also attracted by the Labské Sandstone Formations, the biggest rocky sandstone formations in Europe. From other interesting places of the Decin area it is possible to mention the town of Rumburk, well-known for a mutiny of the soldiers coming back from the Russian Front in spring of 1918. This town also boasts of Tkalcovske domy (Weavers Houses; a protected rural scenic reserve and town historical reserve), the precincts of the former Capuchin Monastery and the Art Nouveau Houses. The town of Varnsdorf, located in its neighbourhood, boasts of the Baroque St Peter and Paul's Church, in which the first liturgical premiere of Beethoven´s Missa solemnis was held in 1830. In a small village of Chribska visitors can still admire the oldest glass factory in Bohemia, which is still in operation.

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