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KlikaMartin Klika

Vice Governor of the Ústí Region 

Finance, Social Affairs, Security and Socially Excluded Localities 

E-mail: klika.m@kr-ustecky.cz


FoldynaJaroslav Foldyna

Deputy Governor of the Ústí Region

Communication with the Government of the Czech Republic and State Authorities

E-mail: foldyna.j@kr-ustecky.cz


KomínekJaroslav Komínek

Deputy Governor of the Ústí Region

Transport and Road Management

E-mail: kominek.j@kr-ustecky.cz

ŠmídPetr Šmíd

Deputy Governor of the Ústí Region

Education, Youth and Sport

E-mail: smid.p@kr-ustecky.cz


RybákStanislav Rybák

Deputy Governor of the Ústí Region

Health Care, Strategy, Preparation and Realization of Projects

E-mail: rybak.s@kr-ustecky.cz


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