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Opencast Mines – Mining Safari

GPS: 50°30‘28.681“N, 13°39‘26.986“E


The Most Basin is a tectonic depression of Northern Bohemia covering the area of the districts of Chomutov, Most, Teplice and Louny. It is a geomorphologic unit in the centre of the Ore Mountains area in which coal was formed millions of years ago. Huge coal seams lead up to the surface, so systematic mining activities have been taking place here since the second half of the 19th century. These activities have changed the original appearance of the landscape. Opencast mining in large areas started to be preferred after 1948. At present, coal is extracted in five opencast mines. Successful recultivation is underway on the landscape that was devastated in the past years. Many interesting locations have been established at the place of the opencast mines and their disposal areas. Moreover, the companies that dig coal here responded to continuous interest in visiting the mining places and the recultivation areas including expert commentary. Thus, the so-called coal safari was founded. Its aim is an effort to open the mines to the public and to show people the whole cycle of opencast coal digging from the extraction of overburden to recultivation. At the same time, these companies offer the possibility to get to know the unique technical work, which an opencast mine certainly involves. The routes may have different lengths, they may lead only to coal mines or they may only focus on recultivation, or may include both. It is also possible to only take a shortened route with the commentary on a sightseeing terrace without a direct visit to a mine. While visiting the mines, the organisers transport the visitors directly to giant excavators. It is also possible to organise a visit to a mining water purification plant, to the Technical Museum of the Ore Mountains with its exposition of the history of mining in a former underground mine, and to a number of other regional sights related to mining of coal.

Transport: off-road vehicles of the coal companies with the capacity of 19 people, tour season April-October, those who are interested can register on safari@czechcoal.cz, where you can also find details on the project and excursion routes. Advice for participants in the excursions:

• It is necessary to wear hardwearing ankle-high boots and suitable clothes according to the current weather for the excursion.

• For your own safety it is necessary to follow the guide’s instructions both in the off-road vehicle and directly at the location.

• It is recommendable to take something to drink and eat to the mine.

• The participants may take their cameras and camcorders.

• It is not possible to take a pet on the excursion.


Contact details: Růžena Martínková

tel.: +420 476 203 131

GSM: +420 606 612 245

e-mail: safari@czechcoal.cz

Responsible: Michaela Tobiasova
Created / changed: 25.6.2014 / 25.6.2014


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