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Franciscan Monastery with a church in Kadaň

GPS: 50°22‘43.904“N, 13°15‘29.451“E


The Franciscan Monastery in Kadaň is located in a place where the town gallows used to be. The beginning of the monastery is linked with a legend about a nobleman who was being taken there. Regretting his bad deeds, he asked Fourteen Holy Helpers to help him in his prayers. Although he was hanged and hung in the gallows for three nights, he did not die. The miracle helped him find forgiveness. The gallows was pulled down and a Chapel of the Fourteen Holy Helpers was built there. The first written mention of the chapel dates back to 1470. Four years later the Franciscan Order - Order of Friars Minor - came there. They wore brown habits, belted with a rope girdle with three knots – symbols of poverty, chastity and obedience. They started their preaching and mission activities there, and a monastery was established. The family of Hasištejnský Lobkowicz, who supported the Order, had a three-aisle church built. It was completed and consecrated in 1480. By a decision of Czech King Vladislav II Jagiellon, the monastery was given to the House of Lobkowicz. They then chose it as a place for their černal rest. A set of tombs from the gothic and renaissance transition period can still be found in the Lobkowicz burial site. A tomb from 1517 still reminds us of the transience of mundane affairs before the authority of God. Its cover with a sculpture of a skeleton gives a message that can make an impression on a human soul even in the 21st century. A stone convent was also created there. In the following centuries the structure became dilapidated. At the present time preservation works have started, uncovering numerous surprises. The precincts including the garden are under reconstruction. In 1995 they were included in the list of our national cultural monuments. The Municipal Museum is located in the complex.

The Monastery with the Fourteen Holy Helpers Church is located outside the municipal town reserve. There is a permanent exhibition of mineralogical and archeological discoveries in the Kadaň district, including demonstrations of mining and processing of mineral raw materials and mining activities.



Městské muzeum (Municipal Museum) v Kadani

Švermova 474, 432 01 Kadaň

tel.: 474 341 295

e-mail: muzeum@kultura-kadan.cz


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