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Goat farm in Zásada u Kadaně

Kozí farma
GPS: 50°37‘18.81“N, 13°23‘18.71“E


Have you ever tasted goat’s milk and cheese? And do you know how people live and work on a family eco farm? You can see on the eco farm of Mr. Sládeček on the right bank of the Ohře River between Klášterec nad Ohří and Kadaň, a few metres from the nature reserve at Úhošť Mountain, in intact nature of the Doupovské Mountains – in Zásada u Kadaně. The farm was set up in 1996, and currently the farmer keeps around sixty white and brown goats. Some of them belong to the Gene Fund of the Czech Republic. The farm has held the prestigious certificate of “Organic Farmer” (Ekologicky hospodařící zemědělec) since 1999, goat’s milk produced by the farmer has been repeatedly awarded the certificate of Organic Farming Product / Bioproduct (Produkt ekologického zemědělství / bioprodukt), and the products were awarded the BIO certificate approved by the KEZ organization (Kontrola ekologického zemědělství - Organic Farming Control). In 2001 the farm extended its offer with semi-hard ripening cheeses and goat’s milk quark. Their excellent taste was achieved after three years devoted to testing and improving the recipes. The chief goal is to make products and to breed goats using methods that fully comply with all requirements for human health and sustainable development, and are beneficial for the surrounding area as well. After previous agreement, you can visit the farm, taste and buy products made of goat’s milk, learn about goat breeding, or even buy a kid, and see the life on an eco farm, and go on a trip to the beautiful surrounding area. After four years of testing and many tests, the farm launched Slade goat’s milk liquor on the market and branded six-year-old whisky. Two types of the liquor are made – liquor with the flavour of traditional whisky creme and its coffee version. Recently 7 Shetland ponies have enlarged the animal family.


In contrast to cow’s milk, the fat composition of goat’s milk is different and it is easily digestible thanks to that. All of its positive properties are contained in goat’s cheese. Goat’s cheese has a great advantage - it can be eaten at all stages of ripening, from deliciously soft fresh cheese to piquant dry and crumbly cheese. Proper goat’s cheese is lightly sweet with a taste of almonds. The best-quality goat’s cheese is made according to a family recipe and is put into red food wax enabling it to keep its best flavour. Packed carefully in this way, the cheese ripens under constant temperature and in the dark.The cheese is characteristic with a pearl lustre when cut, and numerous pores after proper ripening.


tel.: +420 777 299 445

e-mail: info@kozifarma.cz

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Created / changed: 25.6.2014 / 25.6.2014


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