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Archeological outdoor museum in Březno u Loun

GPS: 50°21‘32.946“N, 13°44‘46.679“E


The outdoor museum in Březno u Loun consists of a unique set of reconstructed prehistoric and early medieval dwellings and technological equipment, created as a result of a several-year professional archeological experiment. The research was conducted since the middle of the 1950s, and its goal was to show by an experiment that ancient technological methods can be used for building various types of structures. The result of scientifically valuable experimental works is the current image of the outdoor museum. The museum is a part of the District Museum in Louny. Visitors can see the so-called long house from the Neolithic Age (around 4,000 B.C.), from the period of stroke-ornamented ceramic-ware culture. It has a pole structure, plank side walls, a wattle front wall made of thick twigs and daubing and interesting trapezoidal ground plan. The narrow part is turned to the north back to the direction of prevailing winds, the roof is double sloping with reed thatches attached to the frame by straps made of raw cowhide, and there is an open fireplace inside. Another structure is an early Slavic hut from the 6th century A.D., sunken in part. The research provided important information on temperature relations in such sunken dwellings of ancient Slavs in our territory. You can take a look into the life of our predecessors, see their household equipment and tools they made, how they built their dwellings, made a fire, stored corn both for consumption and seeding in storage pits, and how they ground corn in grain crushers or rotary mills. It is an interesting insight into our history.



Archeologický skanzen (Archeological Outdoor Museum) Březno u Loun in the Ústí Region, district of Louny, Postoloprty-Březno

e-mail: info@muzeumlouny.cz

tel.: +420 415 783 057



Number of tours – 1 Length – 45 min.

Max. number of people – 50

Open all the year round, excl. Mondays

Services: Adapted for wheelchairs - in part

Responsible: Michaela Tobiasova
Created / changed: 25.6.2014 / 25.6.2014


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