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Hop Museum in Žatec

GPS: 50°19‘30.076“N, 13°32‘41.545“E


The exhibition in the Hop Museum is the biggest one of its type in the world. In 4,000 m² of the exhibition area the development of hop growing is documented from its beginning in the early Middle Ages till the second half of the 20th century. Apart from interesting collections, visitors can see the museum building, an example of industrial functional architecture from the end of the 19th century, in the town that is world famous for the best quality hops. In the entrance hall visitors will be amazed by the BRUFF historical hop-picking machine which appeared in the Czech musical „Starci na chmelu“. In the museum reception visitors can see an animated movie about the Hop Elf who will humourously describe all stages of hop growing, picking and processing. Then visitors can see individual floors with museum collections, including historical machines, mechanization means and other interesting tools. All of those accompanied by period photographs and written documents. After visiting the museum, every visitor will understand why the best hops in the world are harvested in the Žatecko Region, and why they are an essential basic material for brewing beer, and why Czech beer brewed from the hops made the Czech Republic famous all over the world. Should visitors be tired at the end of the visit, they can have a rest and a glass of beer in the refreshment section of the museum, where five grown hop vines – the best known hop varieties from Žatec - have been planted.

Visitors can also take a small gift reminding them of the smell of hops from Žatec - a small sample of dried hop cones, and if that will not do and they wish to taste hops, they should visit the „Seventh Step“, a shop of special beers made from hops from Žatec on the ground floor of the Hop Museum, opposite the Hop Lighthouse.


Chmelařské muzeum Žatec (Hop Museum in Žatec)

nám. Prokopa Velkého 1952,

438 01 Žatec

tel.: +420 415 710 062

+420 415 710 315

+420 724 431 422

e-mail: muzeum@chmelarstvi.cz


Opening hours:



10.00 am – 5.00 pm.

Visits on special dates can be arranged.


Hop Harvest Festival in Žatec: Traditional two-day hop harvest celebration, held in the historical centre of the town. A rich cultural programme is prepared for visitors, including an offer of beers from the entire Czech Republic, competitions, records, entertainment.

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