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Press Releases


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20.12.2017Kien Giang Delegation in Ústí Region
30.10.2017Anhui Delegation in Ústí Region
29.6.2017Anhui Delegation in Ústí Region
18.10.2016Chinese journalists in the Ústí Region
11.10.2016Regional Election 2016
21.9.2016Visit of Anhui Delegation
7.1.2016Olympic Games for Children and Youth in the Ústí Region
17. - 22. January 2016
1.12.2015Nexen Tire Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony for its New Plant in Zatec, Czech Republic
24.2.2015Ústí Region - Arms wide open to investment! [PDF, 4,3 MB]
23.3.2015EU research project on migrant families presents findings
Published 16 March 2015
2.6.2015Chinese delegation from Anhui Province in the Ústí Region
24.6.2015Serbian mayors and experts learn how to manage floods
3.7.2015Cooperation Agreement with Mogilev Region
29.7.2015State aid: Commission approves €117 million in investment aid for NEXEN tyre plant in Czech Republic
Brussels, 23 July 2015
4.9.2014Regional Assembly decided about sale of land in the Strategical industrial zone Triangle
Michaela Tobiasova
10.10.2014Representatives of the Chinese Province visited the Ústí Region
3.7.2014Agreement with Nexen signed
5.6.2014Cooperation Agreement with the Ostróda Region (Powiat Ostródzki,Poland)
17.8.2010Gathering Regarding the Issues Pertaining to the„D8“ Highway
17.8.2010The City of Terezín will Receive Funding in the Amount of 500m CZK
28.4.2010The Ústí Region has sign Agreement between the Ústí Region and the Government of the Republic of Srpska
28.4.2010Castles and chateaux in the Ústí Region have been in 2010 opened
12.4.2010Since Easter by train from Dresden to Litoměřice
2.4.2010The Ústí Region attracted tourists from Russia
26.3.2010Czech Easter in Brussels

Page 25 out of total 50 entries on the page:  

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